PCStitch 11.00

Create stitching patterns from a wide collection of templates

PCStitch is intended to create stitching patterns. The tool is quite similar to a standard drawing program and can be used in various ways. What is different about it is that you can view your patterns in several modes: solid blocks, symbols, stitches as well as combinations of them. Moreover, you can draw freehand, use built-in patterns or even import an external picture file. I regret to say that this is not one of those programs you can use fluently the first time. So, it is good news that it comes with excellent tutorials.

The tool converts any picture or image into an embroidery pattern in practically no time. So, you can easily convert a photograph into stitches. Moreover, the program comes with an enormous library of patterns that you can use in your projects. Not only, it also supports creating text patterns using customized, built-in and system fonts. Luckily, your drawings appear as objects that you can easily drag to a different location or resize. Similarly, it is possible to use such operations as cutting, copying, pasting, rotating, flipping and rotating.

In order to let you have a more illustrative idea of how your design will look in reality, the tool supports multiple types of stitches, like full, 1/4, 3/4 and 1/2. Besides, it has more than 60 other specialty stiches. Not only that, it allows you use beads as part of your design. Another of the advantages of the tool is that it lets you share your projects and benefit from the work of others on an online platform.

All in all, PCStitch is a unique program that can help you design beautiful patterns. If you like stitching, this is a tool you will definitely appreciate. Fortunately, the product is free to try with just a few limitations.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various types of views
  • A great collection of built-in patterns
  • Multiple types of stitches
  • Lets you share your projects online


  • May be difficult to use the first time
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