Create stitching patterns from a wide collection of templates
PCStitch v11.0
04 Jun 2020
Editorial review
PCStitch v10.0
3 Nov 2011
PCStitch v9.1
17 Oct 2009
PCStitch v7.0
6 Mar 2008
Editorial review
PCStitch v6.4
10 Mar 2008
PCStitch v5.0
1 Oct 2008

What's new

v11.0 [24 Sep 2016]
- Upgraded to Work With the Latest Versions of Windows. New and Updated Floss Lists. New Ribbon Bar Interface. Improved Automatic Symbol Selection.

v10.0 [3 Nov 2011]
-Now Includes Over 2000 Individual Designs and Over 90 Stitched Alphabets:We have arranged with Jeanette Crews Designs to include all of the library patterns and alphabets formerly associated with the Pattern Pieces with PCStitch 10 at no additional charge!
-Share Your Designs with the Community of PCStitch Users:You can join the growing community of PCStitch users to share patterns that you have created using the PCStitch 10 software without ever leaving the program!
-Stamped Cross Stitch Printing:You can print a reverse image of your designs for use with transfer paper to create stamped cross stitch or needlepoint projects!
-Improved Available Floss List Panel:The available list panel now allows you to use different list styles and sorting options to maximize the area showing the flosses you can add to your design palette!
-Integrated Floss Editor:The floss editor is no longer a separate program. You can now access it directly from the menu in PCStitch 10!
-PatternsOnline.com Interface:PatternsOnline.com users can now access their account and purchased patterns directly from within the PCStitch 10 program!
-WIA Scanning Interface:You can now import directly from any WIA compatible device, as well as any TWAIN compliant scanner or digital camera!
-Increase to 10 Levels of Undo:With PCStitch 10, you can undo the last 10 changes you have made to your designs with an easy click!
-Print Floss Usage on Color Key:You can now print the stitch count and floss usage estimate directly on the color key page when printing your pattern!
-Color Symbols Printing Option:PCStitch 10 now allows you to print your designs using symbols in the actual floss color without individually setting the colors of each symbol!
-Read-Only Designs:You can optionally not allow a design to be changed based on a password that you supply for the design!

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