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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 7.0
PCStitch is a program to create cross-stitching patterns from any image.

This program allows you to take almost any graphic image and convert it into a cross-stitch pattern. You will be able to specify the size and number of colors.
PCStitch will automatically map them to the floss. You can convert simple images or complex photographs.

If you choose the "Import" option from the File menu, you will be able to import any image to generate the pattern.

You can specify the size of the pattern, the area you want to import or even erase what you don't want to be included in the pattern.

You can edit the brightness and color of your design, and define how many clothes it will have.

You can later collect pieces of cross stitch into categories, to insert them into future designs. Other pattern can be purchased from the developers' site.

You can add text to the pattern using True Type fonts and alignment options.

You can apply borders to the pattern, using the included ones or designing your own.

The unregistered version of PCStitch won't let you print or save the generated patterns.


  • It's a very easy way to generate patterns from images.


  • Costly.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 86.5 MB

What's new in version 10.0

-Now Includes Over 2000 Individual Designs and Over 90 Stitched Alphabets:We have arranged with Jeanette Crews Designs to include all of the library patterns and alphabets formerly associated with the Pattern Pieces with PCStitch 10 at no additional charge!
-Share Your Designs with the Community of PCStitch Users:You can join the growing community of PCStitch users to share patterns that you have created using the PCStitch 10 software without ever leaving the program!
-Stamped Cross Stitch Printing:You can print a reverse image of your designs for use with transfer paper to create stamped cross stitch or needlepoint projects!
-Improved Available Floss List Panel:The available list panel now allows you to use different list styles and sorting options to maximize the area showing the flosses you can add to your design palette!
-Integrated Floss Editor:The floss editor is no longer a separate program. You can now access it directly from the menu in PCStitch 10!
-PatternsOnline.com Interface:PatternsOnline.com users can now access their account and purchased patterns directly from within the PCStitch 10 program!
-WIA Scanning Interface:You can now import directly from any WIA compatible device, as well as any TWAIN compliant scanner or digital camera!
-Increase to 10 Levels of Undo:With PCStitch 10, you can undo the last 10 changes you have made to your designs with an easy click!
-Print Floss Usage on Color Key:You can now print the stitch count and floss usage estimate directly on the color key page when printing your pattern!
-Color Symbols Printing Option:PCStitch 10 now allows you to print your designs using symbols in the actual floss color without individually setting the colors of each symbol!
-Read-Only Designs:You can optionally not allow a design to be changed based on a password that you supply for the design!

Publisher's description

PCStitch is advanced, but it's perfect for any cross-stitcher. If you're looking to extend your crafting creativity, we invite you to take a look at the ultimate design software available today.
PCStitch was designed with ease-of-use as the top priority. Regardless of your computer background, PCStitch is the perfect program to help you get more out of your love of cross-stitching.
PCStitch can take almost any graphic image and convert it into a cross-stitch pattern. You determine the size and number of colors, and let PCStitch do the rest! The colors are automatically mapped to the floss. Convert something as simple as a piece of clipart, or something as complex as a photograph!

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    Guest Last year

    Would love the option to save on the trial version. Other programs have not saved my edits properly and I am hesitant to spend this much money on something I don't know if it will do the same. Very disappointing that it won't let you at least save one trial pattern. Very costly but would be worth the cost if I could try the full version at least once. Will have to wait on money fairy to buy.